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ANDA Strong Adhesion Water Activated Fiber Fix Tape water activated pipe repair bandage

ANDA Strong Adhesion Water Activated Fiber Fix Tape water activated pipe repair bandage

Brand Name : ANDA

Model Number : ANDA1.5-50

Place of Origin : Shandong

MOQ : 10 pcs

Payment Terms : T/T

Delivery Time : 5-8 days

Packaging Details : printed bag and box

Resin : Water-activated polyurethane

Heat Resistance : 150°C (300°F)

Pressure Resistance : Internal Pressure up to 2500kPA (360psi)

Set Time : 20 minutes

Bonds to Most Pipes : Steel, Polypipe, PVC, Fibreglass, Copper

Chemical, Fuel and Oil Resistant : Acid lines, Oils, Gas, Sea water, MDISC

Lap Shear Tensile Strength : On steel (1” x 1” x 1/16”) 400kg (6.2MPa)

Shore D Hardness at Full Cure (24 hours) : 80

Compressive Strength : 8,000 psi (55 MPa)

Temperature Limits : Continuous -40° to 250°F (-40° to 121°C) Intermittent -40° to 300°F (-40° to 149°C)

Work Life : 2 to 5 minutes Tenacious bond after 5 to 10 minutes

Functional Cure Time : Approx 30 minutes

Chemical Resistance : Steel putty is resistant to hydrocarbons, ketones, esters, alcohols, halocarbons, aqueous salt solutions, dilute acids, and dilute bases.

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ANDA-Pipe Repair Bandage system is a water activated instant repair bandage primarily used for your emergency pipe and tools repair needs. It is simple to use. A successful pipe repair can be achieved in only 20 minutes.

ANDA-Pipe Repair Bandage system made from fiberglass saturated with water-activated polyurethane, steel putty and a pair gloves. The bandage has high strength and elasticity.

ANDA-Pipe Repair Bandage system create a rigid structure with high ability of anti-bending, anti-elongation and are chemical resistant.

ANDA-Pipe Repair Bandage system can be used on all types of pipes including stainless steel, copper, PVC, steel, rubber, concrete, metal, galvanised, fiberglass, and polypropylene etc.

ANDA-Pipe Repair Bandage system is suitable for use on wet or dry pipes. It can even be applied underwater, in fresh or saltwater.

ANDA-Pipe Repair Bandage system are effectively used as emergency repair and protection of pipe life.


Part No.DescriptionPacking
ANDA1.5-5050mm x 1.5m BandageQty / Box
ANDA3.6-7575mm x 3.6m Bandage10
ANDA3.6-100100mm x 3.6m Bandage10
ANDA3.6-125125mm x 3.6m Bandage10
ANDA4.5-125125mm x 4.5m Bandage10
ANDA6.0-125125mm x 6.0m Bandage10
ANDA9.0-125125mm x 9.0m Bandage10
ANDA9.0-150150mm x 9.0m Bandage10
ANDA10-100100mm x 10.0m Bandage10
ANDA10-125125mm x 10.0m Bandage10
ANDA10-150150mm x 10.0m Bandage10
ANDA12.5-150150mm x 12.5m Bandage10

Special size based on your requirement

Each bandage is packaged with a pair of latex gloves, steel putty and a data sheet.

Please ensure gloves are worn when handling bandages as the resin used will adhere to skin and clothing and may cause irritation. Please refer to SDS provided for further information. Shelf life of bandages is 1 year from date of manufacture, please check this date before using. If the foil pouch is punctured the bandage will become hard and unusable.


l Mining (Coal, Gold, Iron Ore, etc.)

Processing plants – Water / Slurry lines and process equipment

l Oil and Gas

Oil / Gas / Water supply lines and process equipment

l Water and Waste

Supply and transfer lines

l Power Generation

Cooling water, ash transfer and process lines

l Pulp and Paper

Supply and transfer lines

l Sugar Mills

Supply and transfer lines

l Process Industries

Supply lines and equipment


Supplied gloves must be worn.

1. Clean surface of pipe which will be wrapped.

2. Activate the bandage by soaking in water for 5 seconds, squeezing 2-3 times for complete saturation.

3. The bandage around the pipe using the entire length, multiple bandages may be required.

4. Mould and press the bandage to enhance adhesion and strength.

Bandage will set in 3-5 minutes, ready for use in 20 minutes.


l Avoid deliberately squeezing or pressing bandage whilst in foil pouch.

l Store in a cool, dry and well ventilated area.

l Avoid high temperatures, store in an area preferably below 30°C.


l Anda pipe repair bandages can be applied to different pipe sizes and shapes. Difficult or large applications may require multiple bandages.

l For best results, it is recommended that the application should be no less than 10 mm thick, which is approximately 12 wraps.

l It is also recommended that the repair extends 50 mm either side of the damaged area.

l The tightness of the wrap is also very important to ensure adhesion of the bandage to the surface of the repaired item.

 ANDA Strong Adhesion Water Activated Fiber Fix Tape water activated pipe repair bandage Manufactures

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